NEWS: In 2023, how can I save my Instagram story?

Instagram story

The well-known photo-sharing website Instagram offers story-sharing possibilities in addition to
its many other features. One of Instagram’s most helpful features at the moment is that. To
make your tales more interesting, you may effortlessly include popular music, emojis, GIFs, and
other material.
The fact that the stories are only accessible for 24 hours is the best feature. When saving
photos with music, there are complications. You can accomplish this without downloading the
music from the image. You must understand how to save Instagram stories with music in the
gallery if you want to download your tale exactly as it is.

Story Saver Instagram

Users of Story Saver can quickly download their stories with music by following the instructions
listed below. However, this method is only applicable to public accounts.

  1. Open in your browser.
  2. Enter the search area with the name of your account handle.
  3. After you have completed the captcha verification, click Download.
  4. The most recent Instagram stories will be shown.
  5. Hover your mouse over the tale you want to save with music and tap the “save as video”
  6. You will be prompted to download something in a pop-up window.
  7. After clicking “download,” the story with music will appear in your gallery.

Stories IG

This tactic works well for public accounts. You can download the highlights that you put on your
social media accounts.

  1. Launch a new browser tab and go to
  2. In the search box, enter the name of your Instagram account.
  3. The latest information and highlights would be shown here.
  4. Select the narrative or highlight you want to save by clicking on Save Video.
  5. A pop-up window will ask you to “download”.
  6. After selecting “download,” the video will be accessible in your gallery.

How can I use third-party programs to download Instagram Reels for offline viewing?

  • It should be noted that a number of third-party websites and applications allow you to download Instagram Reels to your smartphone. Among the third-party programs are iGram, Ingrammer, Clipbox, and OBS Studio.
  • Go to the particular website, copy the URL of the Instagram Reels video you wish to save, and paste it into the search bar there.
  • Next, select the “Download.mp4” option at the bottom of the page.The Reel video will be downloaded in
  • so that you can watch it whenever you want while not connected to the internet.

The Complete Guide to the Best Ways to Download Instagram Reels in 2023

Do you find Instagram Reels entertaining? There are instances when you come upon a reel or
movie that you want to download and keep with you for later viewing. There are choices in the
app to save Instagram Reels or Videos, but you cannot download these.

You are still permitted to download the reels or movies for offline viewing, though. Because of
this, you have to download a third-party application or software, or even obtain it from an
appropriate website.

For those who are unfamiliar, Instagram Reels is a novel way to create and discover brief,
intriguing videos on the platform. Users of Instagram may record and edit 15-second multi-clip
videos using new artistic tools, sound, and images to create

How can Instagram Reels be saved?

  1. Open Reels on Instagram on your mobile device.
  2. Choose the Reels video you wish to download
  3. After hitting the three-dot icon, click “Save”
  4. The Reel will be preserved. To access saved Reels, you must go back to the Instagram home
  5. After that, touch on the profile icon and choose the three-line option.
  6. From the Settings menu, select Account.
  7. Tap on Saved to view your saved Instagram Reels.

Save From Web

You may save films from Instagram Reels as well as other social media platforms like YouTube
and TikTok using the website SaveFromWeb. You just need to copy the Reel’s link, put it into
the SaveFromWeb website, and click “Download.” The downloaded video file’s format and
quality will be available for selection.


It’s critical to remember that obtaining Instagram Reels through unofficial apps or websites could
be dangerous. These applications could not adhere to Instagram’s terms of service and could
harm your device if they include malware or viruses. Furthermore, your device could get hurt if
you utilize these tools. Choose apps and websites that are reliable and have received good
reviews when downloading anything from the internet, and you should exercise caution at all
In conclusion, downloading Instagram Reels can be a simple process if you utilize Instagram’s
in-app save feature as well as reputable third-party software and services. If you attentively read
this article and implement the techniques described within.

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